Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jungle Themed Nursery - Nature's Harmony Wallpaper Mural

I found this walpaper called Nature's Harmony and I fell in love with it instantly. Sears carried it for a while, and then discontinued it so I had to source it from the USA. (I now see that sears has it back in circulation) I tried to order from a place called Poster Revolution through Amazon. WORST customer service ever. Shipped the wrong product, then I returned it and they told me they didn't actually have my item in stock and i would have to wait an inderterminate amount of time. Needless to say I left them nasty feedback. Well they made me remove it before they would process a refund. DIRTY POOL!

Anyways, I found another store that had it in stock called Decor Place. Their service was phenominal. I ordered it and had it in less than 48 hours! Fantastic fantastic.

My mother and I were able to install the wall mural in about 6 hours.

The mural came with a powdered wallpaper paste which was a powder that required mixing with water. I was a bit paranoid that I would somehow get the mix wrong so I opted to buy a premixed paste from the hardware store. There were 2 options available: regular, and extra strength each with slightly different qualities. The regular strength was for lighter papers and had an extended drying time and the extra strength was for hanging heavier papers, but had a shorter drying time. I decided to go with the regular strength as the mural came in 8 seperate panels, and would likely need a little extra time to shift the pieces around to get them to align correctly.

I washed the wall with Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) to remove any grease or gloss on the wall so that the paper would have good adhesion.

I arranged all the mural pieces on my kitchen floor to ensure that all the panels matched in color.

The wall that I was installing the mural on had a slanted roof, and the mural was about two feet too tall for the short end. It was also much wider than my wall so I opted to wrap it around the corner of my room. It added a bit of a three dimensional look to it which I enjoy. I surveyed the mural and decided if the top or the bottom was the most important. If I cut it angled at the top, I would have cut off a leopards head, so instead i opted to cut off the bottom. I saved these pieces for my dresser project. I also needed to trim the white boarder off the top. I figured this out the hard way with the first panel. If you don't put paste on the edge you plan to cut off it does not expand like the wet part of the paper and will cause your panel to wrinkle. Make sure you pre-trim all pieces and paste all the way to all of the edges to avoid this.

We followed the order of assembly as instructed in the manual and aligned the pieces as best we could. Remember that the wet panel you are currently working with will not be the same size as the dried panel on the wall that you have to match it up with so you kinda have to average it out and match up the most important or obvious bits.

After all the panels were up we trimmed along the top and edges, and around the electrical outlets by making an X over the general area and tucking the edges into the holes.

See how I used the leftover pieces on the dresser here
See the completed nursery here

This would be a great gender neutral theme for any nursery!

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