Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jungle Themed Nursery - Dresser Makeover

I had some scraps lefotver from my Jungle Themed Wallpaper Mural project so I decided to give the dresser I had for the nursery a makeover.

The dresser that I started with was an HOPEN 4 Drawer Chest the panels on the drawer are a frosted glass which you can see the clothes through which I thought looked a bit messy.

I trimmed down the leftover panel pieces from the mural and arranged them on the floor to see what order to put the 4 pieces on the dresser. I cut 2 parts from one piece and the other 2 pieces from seperate panels so that I could preserve the animals that were on them, 2 frogs and a large butterfly.

I removed the hardware from the dresser so that it would not get in my way, and I test fit the pieces before attaching the adhesive.

I used an extra wide roll of double sided adhesive tape that my Mother in Law kindly lent to me for the project. This stuf is SUPER EXTRA STICKY so be sure to get your panels lined up right. I went crooked with my first panel as I tried to start from left to right and it took me with both feet against the dresser and pulling with both my arms to get it unstuck.  In the end the method that I found that worked was to peel back about 1 inch from the long side of the panel (top or bottom) and fold the plastic back flat against the panel. Line the panel up with the long edge (top or bottom) with it tilted away from the glass at first then slowly press it down from the outside edge. When you are sure the alignmet is right, begin to peel the protective plastic from the rest of the panel an inch or so at a time and repeat the smoothing process until complete.

And here is the completed project!

And to be extra organized I assigned the drawers a certain size and pre-sorted the baby clothes we had been given. I used a white grease pencil to label the handles on the drawers. This comes off with a damp paper towel, and I keep them updated as I go along.

When my son was about 3 months and I had a bit more time on my hands I also coordinated matching outfits including socks and put them in ziplocks in the drawers. This saves me from rummaging through when I have a poo covered boy in my hands waiting for a head to to change! This also helps daddy dress our son in something other than a sleeper once in a while.

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