Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gingerbread and Chocolate Houses

I have made a number of gingerbread and/or chocolate houses over the years. I got this mold for casting gingerbread and chocolate from Lee-Valley tools a few years ago and have used it in making several houses, mansions, duplexes etc to bring into work or to family gatherings. They are always a smash hit!

2012 "Cute as a Button Duplex" I used this Wilton fondant mold for my inspiratoin.I used chocolate candy melts in it to make colorful decorations for the house. The long ribbons were more difficult to remove from the mold but not impossible. I used the edge of the counter to get a clean break out along the mold. I am in love with the chevron roof! But boy did it take a long time to make as this mold only has one wiggle strip and i had to make and freeze set each strip at a time!