Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jungle Themed Nursery - Completed Project

 It all started with this wallpaper mural installation called Nature's Harmony

Then I did this dresser makeover.

My Mother-in-law was showing off the work I had done so far to a friend of hers who then generously donated this rug for our nursery. It is perfecgt and really ties the whole room together.  

I bought a jungle themed crib and nursery, and this Ikea leaf set second hand from Kijiji.
The crib and change table were donated to us from a firend, and my mom bought me some green bins on sale from toys r us to use under the change table. As you can see, I changed the furnature around a few times before I was happy with it.

Wall Mural: $80 on sale + express shipping = $100
Walpaper paste $12 (i think)
Rug: Free
Crib and changetable: Free
Bedding, valence, diaper storage bag: Free
Rug: Free
Curtains: $16 (Walmart)
Storage Bins: Regular $7 on for $4 = $16 (paind for by mom = free)

Total cost for nursery < $150!!!