Sunday, May 19, 2013

Owl Pillow

Owl Pillow
I had a few bits of material left over from making my Sister-in-law her Jelly Roll Floor Pillow so I decided to use them to make a pillow, and medallion for the floor pillow to coordinate the two with an owl theme.
I saw a cute owl punch set by Stampin' up. I wanted these to be much bigger than the punch though, so I found another blog with a nice picture of the assembled product. I then enlarged that to the size I wanted on my laptop monitor and VERY carefully, so as not to damage my screen, traced the pieces onto my fabric. I used the circular patterns already found in the fabric for the different eyes.

I do not have any pictures of these two being stuffed, as I will be sending them in luggage from Canada to Austraila. I am sure my SIL will send me some pictures once they are all put together... right Ali?? :D

I attached the vest and the eyes to the body, and then the whole thing to the centre medallion with a zigzag stitch.

 I then whipped around the medallion on the floor pillow about 3 times to give a nice solid stitch and make sure all those pieces were nice and secure.
Jelly Roll Floor Pillow with Owl Medallion
I sewed all the leftover strips together to make the back of the other pillow.
I then measured the brown ultrasuese material to match this size and added the owls to the centre.

I decided it would be fun to keep the feet flappy, as babies seem to really enjoy taggy toys.

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