Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sensory Bottles

As i am leaving tomorrow on a road trip, I thought I would whip up a few quick sensory bottles to keep my son occupied on our 7 hour car trip. It will be good to give him something he has not seen before.

1: Bells. Very noisy
2: Blue water and glitter. Lid is on with superglue.
3: Decorative ribbon with large sequins. This rattles, but also the bottle is quite crinkly.
4: Hide and seek. Whatever would fit in the opening and rice. some small toys, balls, googly eyes etc.
5: High contrast, white and black pom poms. Very light and quiet bottle.

 I will post when we get back and let you know our favorites!

1: Bells - a close second favorite
2: Glitter water - Not interested AT ALL, however mommy still likes playing with it and watching the swirls. Larger glitter maybe to catch my sons eye.
3: Rattling ribbon... by far the favorite. The bottle is nearly worn out and is all scrunched, will be making a replacement soon.
4: Hide and seek -n great for rolling around on the floor at home, too heavy for the car though.
5: Pom Poms - lost this one very quickly perhaps under the seat of the car. Little interest in this. My boy likes NOISE!

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